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Highway superintendent accuses town council of defamation

In some cases, an individual who is involved in politics may become the subject of an investigation if there is suspicion of foul play. When a person in Ohio is forced to endure this process, it can take a toll on his or her everyday life. Even if no evidence of wrongdoing is found during this period, the individual in question may still suffer a loss to his or her reputation. In a similar situation, a man in another state is accusing a town council of defamation.

Around two years ago, the council initiated an investigation into the operations of a local highway superintendent, accusing him of overtime abuse and other offenses. After looking into the matter, investigators found no evidence of criminal activity. According to the man, the town council would not let the matter go and recently decided to go public with the allegations.

He believes that the accusations are politically motivated, intended to ruin his reputation within the community. He claims to have suffered severely during this process, going as far as saying that it brought about the end of his marriage, claiming his former spouse could not handle the situation. He also claims that locals continue to speak of the incident to this day, and he has been the subject of various adverse comments.

Many individuals have suffered as a result of defamation. If the information involved ends up online, despite being untrue, the fallout can be challenging to overcome. When facing a similar situation, people in Ohio often seek the advice of an experienced attorney for assistance in filing a claim through the civil justice system, as well as assistance in the removal of any offensive and damaging information.

Source:, "Cheektowaga highway chief, subject of probe, sues town for defamation", Melinda Miller Published, March 5, 2017

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