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Going too far when using the internet to voice opinions

In recent years, individuals have gained the ability to post anything and everything they want online. The internet may be considered one of the most beneficial technological advancements of late, but there is an obvious downside to this unlimited access. When a person in Ohio uses this capability to voice opinions about another individual, the damage to the reputation of the accused can be catastrophic, even if statements are untrue.

Various individuals and/or companies have created certain outlets for people to connect with others online. Some of these sites may have certain rules that depict what a person may or may not post, but these rules often fail to govern opinions. With countless individuals posting comments on various topics each day, it may be impossible for a company to review each statement and determine the truth from a lie.

Defamation lawsuits are becoming more common with each passing day, and many of these are founded on statements that are made on the internet. With many individuals claiming the right to free speech, they may often believe they have done nothing wrong. However, there comes a point in time when accusations have gone too far. With many viewers forming opinions based on what they read online, comments made under similar circumstances can be detrimental to an individual in many areas of life.

When facing defamation via the internet, an individual may find it challenging to overcome the situation. Unsure of how to proceed, many people in Ohio speak with an experienced attorney for assistance in removing the damaging content. An attorney can help an individual protect his or her reputation from experiencing further harm, which may go a long way in getting on the road to recovery from such a stressful and daunting process.

Source:, "Reining in Internet Abuse", James Dobbins, March 23, 2017

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