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College professor claims defamation after being accused of rape

Being accused of a crime can have a lasting effect on a person's life in many ways. Many individuals in Ohio who have faced similar circumstance have suffered loss of employment opportunities as a result. Even if accusations are found to be false and all charges dropped, the damage to a person's reputation may linger. A college professor recently filed a defamation lawsuit against a woman after he was accused of rape.

The man was recently jailed after being accused of assault and rape by a former girlfriend. The woman also claimed the man to be HIV-positive and accused him of sexual misconduct with minors. He spent three weeks in custody before being released. The charges were dropped recently after none of the allegations could be verified.

The professor claims that he has already lost a public speaking opportunity due to the accusations. He also claims that the allegations have caused people to avoid speaking with him, especially at the recent funeral of his mother. Reportedly, some of the allegations are similar to a previous claim the woman made against her former spouse.

Victims of defamation often suffer in various ways on account of accusations, even if they are false. Since reports of these types of cases often end up online, the news can spread quickly, which clearly makes the situation challenging to overcome. When facing a similar circumstance, many individuals in Ohio seek the advice of an attorney for assistance in removing the damaging information from the internet and protecting their reputation from sustaining further damage in the process.

Source:, "Univ. of Minn. law professor sues for defamation over rape allegations", Tom Lyden, March 19, 2017

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