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City may be liable in defamation suit against former councilman

There is often a great deal of responsibility for individuals who take positions of authority. Words spoken or actions made by a person while acting as a government official in Ohio can have disastrous consequences. A city in another state may be held accountable in a defamation suit recently filed against the former mayor. He is facing charges after making various accusations against a local educator.

The former councilman sent out an email accusing the man of being homosexual, alleging he had a particular interest in young boys. The councilman then signed the email with his credentials as mayor. This action may also have brought the city into the situation. It will likely be required to prove in trial that he was not acting in his official capacity at the time of the email.

The man who filed the claim is an educator who also works as an online newspaper editor. He claims to have suffered significant emotional damage, along with loss of reputation. With current technology, words spoken in email or online have the ability to reach countless individuals, and the effect they can have on a person's standing within the community can be catastrophic.

People who have suffered as a result of defamation often face many hardships. Victims may find it difficult to overcome an online attack on reputation, prompting many to seek legal counsel for assistance in the process. When facing a similar situation, people in Ohio often retain the services of an experienced attorney. An attorney may be able to assist in removing unsubstantial online claims, as well as protecting victims from any further damage.

Source:, "Lemoore still 'on the hook' in defamation lawsuit", Mike Eiman, Feb. 8, 2017

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