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City councilman claims defamation at the hands of 2 writers

Reputation is a major concern for people in many different areas of employment. Many in Ohio consider it to be invaluable, and take steps to protect themselves when facing any form of defamation. This can be especially crucial for government officials, whose careers are often dependent on public opinion. A city councilman in another state recently filed a lawsuit against two writers, claiming that they have damaged his reputation.

The situation began when the councilman proposed a ban on the communist flag. In an attempt to avoid violating certain freedoms, it was limited to city flagpoles. Viewing the prohibition's limitation in certain areas as legalization in others, two writers began to make personal attacks on the councilman, going as far as labeling him a communist. He asserts that the unsubstantial accusations are political, seeking to reduce his chances in the upcoming election.

When a person is subjected to slander of this nature, he or she often suffers as a result. The damage done can be significant, especially when any form of media is used in the process. Writers have the ability to reach many people with the recent increases in technology, and their words can have a negative effect on how the public views a person.

Suffering defamation of character at the hands of another can be difficult to overcome. The damage can go beyond public opinion, often leading to emotional distress. If the claims are substantial, the victim may seek relief through the civil justice system. When facing a similar situation, people in Ohio often speak with an experienced attorney for advice on how to proceed with a defamation claim.

Source:, "San Jose councilman files defamation suit against Vietnamese writers", Ramona Giwargis, Feb. 16, 2017

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