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March 2017 Archives

Going too far when using the internet to voice opinions

In recent years, individuals have gained the ability to post anything and everything they want online. The internet may be considered one of the most beneficial technological advancements of late, but there is an obvious downside to this unlimited access. When a person in Ohio uses this capability to voice opinions about another individual, the damage to the reputation of the accused can be catastrophic, even if statements are untrue.

My name is on what?

With the explosion of Internet access in last 10 years, many "cheater websites" have appeared at an alarming pace. "Cheater websites" offer an opportunity to dish the dirt on former girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, sugar daddies and everything in between. Often, in a fit of rage, a scorned or just plain evil ex-lover will unload a fury of anger-fueled, hateful speech about their former partner, and worst of all, identify the ex by name! Now, your name, details of your personal and private relationship are publicly posted on the Internet for all to see. Even worse, the information about you may not even be true!

College professor claims defamation after being accused of rape

Being accused of a crime can have a lasting effect on a person's life in many ways. Many individuals in Ohio who have faced similar circumstance have suffered loss of employment opportunities as a result. Even if accusations are found to be false and all charges dropped, the damage to a person's reputation may linger. A college professor recently filed a defamation lawsuit against a woman after he was accused of rape.

Highway superintendent accuses town council of defamation

In some cases, an individual who is involved in politics may become the subject of an investigation if there is suspicion of foul play. When a person in Ohio is forced to endure this process, it can take a toll on his or her everyday life. Even if no evidence of wrongdoing is found during this period, the individual in question may still suffer a loss to his or her reputation. In a similar situation, a man in another state is accusing a town council of defamation.

City may be liable in defamation suit against former councilman

There is often a great deal of responsibility for individuals who take positions of authority. Words spoken or actions made by a person while acting as a government official in Ohio can have disastrous consequences. A city in another state may be held accountable in a defamation suit recently filed against the former mayor. He is facing charges after making various accusations against a local educator.

Mayor accuses activist of defamation with election upcoming

The technological advancements in recent years have increased the ease of communication a great deal. With use of the internet, a person can reach countless individuals who may sometimes be influenced by what they read. When a person in Ohio uses this technology to voice opinions about another, the result can be catastrophic. A mayor in another city has recently filed a defamation suit against a local activist.

Sheriff's deputy claims defamation in lawsuit against two men

Whenever a grudge is present, people often resort to slander in an attempt to tarnish another person's reputation. In some cases, these comments may be uneventful, but there is a line that should not be crossed. People in Ohio often seek to protect themselves when faced with a similar situation. Recently in another state, a lawsuit has been filed against two people accusing them of defamation.

Real estate executive subjected to years of online defamation

Many individuals place a great deal of importance on public opinion. This is often considered the key to success in certain professions, especially regarding real estate. People in Ohio who are employed in this field spend years building their reputation and seek to protect themselves when subjected to any form of defamation. A real estate executive in another state was recently at the center of a four-year battle after a man attempted to ruin his reputation.

City councilman claims defamation at the hands of 2 writers

Reputation is a major concern for people in many different areas of employment. Many in Ohio consider it to be invaluable, and take steps to protect themselves when facing any form of defamation. This can be especially crucial for government officials, whose careers are often dependent on public opinion. A city councilman in another state recently filed a lawsuit against two writers, claiming that they have damaged his reputation.

Need To Remove Content From The Internet?

Each day, content is added to the internet. When that content is about you or a loved one, and is offensive, you may wish to have it removed. Many believe that once it is out there it is impossible to get rid of. This is not true. The content can be removed, but how do you go about doing it? And what is the fastest way?