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Frank Ocean's father sues him for defamation

Fame and fortune can take a toll on relationships, and for many celebrities, family disputes are played out for the general public in Ohio and the rest of the country. After one performer took his personal grievances to the internet, he seems to have stirred up some long-held animosity with his father. The two are now embroiled in a multi-million dollar defamation lawsuit.

Apparently moved by the mass shooting at a popular gay nightclub, rapper and singer Frank Ocean posted an anecdote on Tumblr. The story alleges that when he was 6 years old, his father removed him from a restaurant because their waitress was transgender. Ocean posted that his father called the waitress a derogatory name, and it was the first time he had ever heard that word. Ocean also claims that he did not see his father again after that day.

In response to the post, Ocean's father filed a $14.5 million lawsuit against his son. He claims the story is entirely false, and the incident never took place. Ocean's father also says that the comments have damaged his opportunities for success in film and music.

While it may be hard to undo the harm that defamation can cause, removing untrue and inflammatory comments from websites can prevent further injury. It can also be the first step in repairing a damaged reputation. Those in Ohio who are victims of malicious internet postings can turn to a lawyer who has successfully removed online content for hundreds of people. Using special skills and resources, such an attorney can bring relief to those who have been maligned or misrepresented.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Frank Ocean Sued By Father Over Tumblr Response To Orlando Shooting", Cole Delbyck, Feb. 3, 2017

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