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February 2017 Archives

Woman wins stunning defamation settlement

Social media can often become a feeding ground for strong opinions and escalating disagreements. Without boundaries, people may instigate large groups of followers from Ohio or across the world to join a movement or support a cause. They may also wage their private battles in the open for others to witness and take sides. In another state, two women took their deteriorating business relationship to social media, and one of them allegedly crossed the line into defamation.

Couple uses internet to air contractor dispute

When hiring a contractor, many homeowners in Ohio get recommendations from friends, relatives or websites. Home repair and improvement can be expensive, and few people want to spend money and end up dissatisfied. However, if work is incomplete or done poorly, there are steps one can take to resolve the issue. If homeowners do not get satisfaction from the contractor, they can hire an attorney or file a complaint with a professional agency, like a licensing board. One couple took to the internet.

Frank Ocean's father sues him for defamation

Fame and fortune can take a toll on relationships, and for many celebrities, family disputes are played out for the general public in Ohio and the rest of the country. After one performer took his personal grievances to the internet, he seems to have stirred up some long-held animosity with his father. The two are now embroiled in a multi-million dollar defamation lawsuit.

I ended up on now what?

With the explosion of Internet access in last 10 years, many "cheater websites" have appeared at an alarming pace. "Cheater websites" offer an opportunity to dish the dirt on former girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, sugar daddies and everything in between. Often, in a fit of rage, a scorned or just plain evil ex-lover will unload a fury of anger-fueled, hateful speech about their former partner, and worst of all, identify the ex by name! Now, your name, details of your personal and private relationship are publicly posted on the Internet for all to see. Even worse, the information about you may not even be true!