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When child's online photo is misused attorney may be of help

Each day people post a wide variety of images online. Once there, it is possible someone will take that image and use it in a way you never intended. Not only can that be frustrating and annoying, it can also be embarrassing or even dangerous. There are laws in place to help people have their images removed from sites that show pornography and other problematic areas of the internet. One issue with images that poses an even more serious problem, though, is the misuse of the images of children. Whether they are used in a vulgar way or simply posted without permission, if you are a parent you should know there are things you can do to have the images removed.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act

The things you put on the internet are copyrighted because of the DMCA, and they belong to you. That means if someone takes them and posts them without permission, that's a violation of your copyright. In many cases it's an honest mistake, and contacting the website owners will get the image removed. But that doesn't mean it's gone from the internet. If others have used it or reposted it, it's still out there. Trying to get the image removed can be stressful, and if a party does not respond to your request, you may have to get a professional involved and use legal channels to have the pictures removed.

Take Action

If you need assistance in removing a photo of your child from the internet that was used in a way for which you did not provide permission, working with an attorney can make the difference between a long struggle and a quick removal. The sooner this is done the sooner you can refocus your energy on your family, where it belongs.

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