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Political scandal includes libel and slander

People in Ohio and across the country are no longer surprised to learn when the private intrigues of their political candidates become fodder for scandal. However, sometimes a story takes an unusual turn, and what was originally taken as revealing truth is suddenly suspected to be lies and slander. Voters in another state are watching their candidates closely in the months leading up to their gubernatorial election.

Two men and one woman are vying for their party's nomination for lieutenant governor. However, recently those who support one of the candidates received an email from a woman named Martha McDaniel. The email announced that their candidate was flaunting an adulterous relationship. As expected, the accused man denied the allegations. Apparently, he then began investigating the Martha McDaniel who sent the emails and discovered there was no such person in his county.

In a surprising move, the candidate went to court and subpoenaed Google and two internet service providers for information about the source of the email. His investigation revealed that the emails apparently originated from a fake account connected to the phone number of the husband of the woman running against him for the lieutenant governor's office. The woman explained that her neighbors share the internet account with her, and that the account is not password protected.

The defamed candidate says he is considering filing a lawsuit for libel and slander. It was his good fortune to have the resources to investigate the incident on his own. Others in Ohio who face damaging harassment online have recourse to a lawyer whose experience and knowledge of internet law has resolved similar issues with great success.

Source:, "Reeves is right to go after dirty tricksters", Jan. 7, 2017

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