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James Woods' defamation suit takes a surprising turn

If anyone knows what it's like to have lies spread about them, it is celebrities. TV actors, movie stars and musicians. They receive a daily dose of tabloid defamation, and many have learned to take it as part of the job. However, now and then a celebrity fights back, and sometimes that battle brings a significant victory for people -- whether in Ohio or another part of the country.

Actor James Woods is not backing down from a lawsuit he filed against an anonymous person even though that person has since died. The person used his Twitter account to post that Woods was a cocaine addict. The actor firmly denied the rumor and filed a $10 million defamation suit. The John Doe moved to have the lawsuit dismissed as frivolous, contending that the comment was hyperbole. However, the courts rejected the motion.

With the recent death of the defendant, his family feels Woods is harassing them and should now drop the suit. The actor apparently has no intention of doing so, and the court has bolstered his case by ordering John Doe's attorneys to release the identification of the defendant. Woods sees this as a victory for those who fall victim to people who use the internet anonymously to post defamatory statements.

This case may have a far-reaching impact. If Woods is successful in his claim, celebrities and non-celebrities alike may be encouraged to fight against anonymous people who spread damaging falsehoods. Those in Ohio and beyond who face internet defamation have recourse to experienced attorneys who have successfully aided many in saving their online reputations.

Source:, "Attorney Must ID Anonymous Tweeter In Defamation Suit Filed By James Woods", Anita Busch, Jan. 3, 2017

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