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Internet harassment cost a woman her job and her peace of mind

In the past, if a woman in Ohio was being harassed by a former boyfriend, she felt some sense of relief when he moved to a different state. These days, thanks to the internet, harassment can occur even if two people live across the world from each other. One woman learned this personally after scandalous posts made by her former boyfriend turned her life upside down and placed her in danger.

The 49-year-old man was recently convicted of two charges of first-degree harassment after he used the internet to exact revenge when he discovered his ex-girlfriend was dating a new man. He posted a semi-nude photo of her on numerous online classified sites, such as Craigslist. The photo also appeared on adult websites. Along with the photo, he pretended to be his ex by posting invitations telling men she was lonely and searching for a date. He posted the addresses of her work and home.

Men began to show up at her job and apartment, expecting that she was eager to date them. She eventually lost her job because of this. A police officer who happened to live in the woman's apartment building encountered a man lurking outside her door hoping to answer the online proposition. When a judge considered the case, she ordered the ex-boyfriend to remove all of the defamatory posts and sentenced him to four years suspended and two years of supervised probation.

Despite the fact that the man promised to move far away from his ex-girlfriend, the judge was not reassured. The internet allows for harassment and defamation from anywhere in the world. Those in Ohio or elsewhere who are in a situation similar to what this woman went through have recourse to justice through an aggressive lawyer. Attorneys with broad-reaching resources can remove the disparaging content that someone has posted to damage another person's reputation.

Source:, "Kentucky man pleads guilty to harassment, posting photos of ex-girlfriend online", Mike Bell, Dec. 28, 2016

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