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Dentist claims son posted libel and slander online

A recent phenomenon stemming from the evolution of social media is the seemingly unfiltered airing of personal opinions. Social media rants about tension with co-workers, disputes between spouses or disagreements with family members are part of the everyday news feed for most people in Ohio. However, when those rants contain libel and slander, people's reputations and businesses may suffer. One man had just such an experience when his son apparently retaliated online.

The man is an established dentist in another state, and he has recently been charged with two counts of indecency with a child. His 19-year-old son posted online that his father was an "abusive pedophile" and that he should not be trusted around children. Patients and others immediately began calling his dental practice to express their concern over the validity of the accusation. The dentist believes this was the express purpose of his son's post.

Maintaining that he is innocent of all charges, the dentist claims the online attack from his son stemmed from the father's refusal to continue financially supporting the college student. He also says his son was verbally abusive to the dentist and his wife. The dentist claims that the post resulted in numerous patients leaving his practice and potential patients going elsewhere. He has filed a defamation lawsuit against his son.

Sometimes, in a moment of emotion, a person may make a post that constitutes libel and slander. Nevertheless, once the statements are on the internet, they can result in devastating damage. Those in Ohio who have suffered personal or professional damage because of a defamatory post frequently seek help by contacting an attorney who has a proven track record of positive results.

Source: New York Daily News, "Dentist accused of child indecency suing son for libel, slander", David Boroff, Jan. 25, 2017

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