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January 2017 Archives

Dentist claims son posted libel and slander online

A recent phenomenon stemming from the evolution of social media is the seemingly unfiltered airing of personal opinions. Social media rants about tension with co-workers, disputes between spouses or disagreements with family members are part of the everyday news feed for most people in Ohio. However, when those rants contain libel and slander, people's reputations and businesses may suffer. One man had just such an experience when his son apparently retaliated online.

I ended up on what?

With the explosion of Internet access in last 10 years, many "cheater websites" have appeared at an alarming pace. "Cheater websites" offer an opportunity to dish the dirt on former girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, sugar daddies and everything in between. Often, in a fit of rage, a scorned or just plain evil ex-lover will unload a fury of anger-fueled, hateful speech about their former partner, and worst of all, identify the ex by name! Now, your name, details of your personal and private relationship are publicly posted on the Internet for all to see. Even worse, the information about you may not even be true!

When child's online photo is misused attorney may be of help

Each day people post a wide variety of images online. Once there, it is possible someone will take that image and use it in a way you never intended. Not only can that be frustrating and annoying, it can also be embarrassing or even dangerous. There are laws in place to help people have their images removed from sites that show pornography and other problematic areas of the internet. One issue with images that poses an even more serious problem, though, is the misuse of the images of children. Whether they are used in a vulgar way or simply posted without permission, if you are a parent you should know there are things you can do to have the images removed.

Revenge porn defamation is a fast-growing problem

When a person in Ohio wants to get even with someone, he or she may look for a way to hurt that person without doing physical harm. More frequently, people are turning to revenge porn as a way to lash out at someone with whom they are having a dispute. Revenge porn is when someone posts nude or sexually explicit pictures or videos of a person without the person knowing or giving permission. One woman reportedly suffered this type of defamation from a surprising source.

Internet call-outs provide no option for defending oneself

Allegations of sexual misconduct are serious and may carry detrimental consequences. In fact, if one is rumored to be a predator, it may not be long before people begin to interpret every move that person makes in light of those accusations. Two Ohio men recently lost their jobs because of a rumor that spread through the internet, and they are likely not the only ones who have been victimized in this way.

Internet harassment cost a woman her job and her peace of mind

In the past, if a woman in Ohio was being harassed by a former boyfriend, she felt some sense of relief when he moved to a different state. These days, thanks to the internet, harassment can occur even if two people live across the world from each other. One woman learned this personally after scandalous posts made by her former boyfriend turned her life upside down and placed her in danger.

"Clickbait" pollutes internet with misleading ads

Celebrities are often careful about the products they endorse. They may wish to have their images or names associated only with companies or goods that will enhance their reputations. However, many celebrity images are being used in questionable marketing tactics called "clickbait." Anyone in Ohio who uses the internet has probably run across these ads.

What is the Consumer Review Fairness Act?

The "Consumer Review Fairness Act" ("CRFA"), also known as H.R. 5111 was signed into law by President Barack Obama on December 14, 2016. The purpose of the CRFA is to make any clause in contract void which prohibits, or restricts an individual from engaging in an honest review of seller's goods, services, or conduct. In other words, anyone can say anything about you or your business online, as long as it is true.

Political scandal includes libel and slander

People in Ohio and across the country are no longer surprised to learn when the private intrigues of their political candidates become fodder for scandal. However, sometimes a story takes an unusual turn, and what was originally taken as revealing truth is suddenly suspected to be lies and slander. Voters in another state are watching their candidates closely in the months leading up to their gubernatorial election.

Fake news may lead to more defamation lawsuits

Apparently, the news isn't always true. In recent years, a growing number of anchor people have embellished the news or made it up completely. With the past election, fake news exploded on social media as supporters of each side attempted to discredit the opposition. However, the rise of fake news stories is bringing with it a rise in defamation lawsuits as people in Ohio and across the country fight to protect something that is nearly impossible to rebuild once lost: a reputation.

James Woods' defamation suit takes a surprising turn

If anyone knows what it's like to have lies spread about them, it is celebrities. TV actors, movie stars and musicians. They receive a daily dose of tabloid defamation, and many have learned to take it as part of the job. However, now and then a celebrity fights back, and sometimes that battle brings a significant victory for people -- whether in Ohio or another part of the country.

Victims of revenge porn may have legal options

Most would agree that the internet makes completing many daily tasks in life, easier. As is the case with many things in life that make things better, some negatives exist as well. While various online sites may help to enrich interpersonal relationships of users, when romantic relationships go bad, the existence of internet could also be devastating. Victims of revenge porn know this all too well.