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December 2016 Archives

Libel and slander may be difficult to prove

The advent of social media seems to have given people in Ohio a platform that they may not otherwise have had for expressing their opinions. With that open opportunity, some people may say unkind or hurtful things, stirring up emotions and even violent reactions. The words libel and slander are tossed around these days with apparently little understanding of their legal implications. Not every insulting post is necessarily defamatory.

Sites allow defamation so they can charge for its removal

The Ripoff Report is an internet site which allows consumers in Ohio and across the country to post anonymous complaints when they are unhappy with a product, a service or a business. Because of the site's indexing practices, those complaints often show up in Google searches for those businesses. Despite numerous lawsuits for defamation, the site's owners zealously defend their right to free speech and often refuse to remove posts unless they are paid to do so.

Handling libel and slander in a small Ohio business

Businesses in Ohio and across the country are finding themselves harassed online more frequently these days. This may come from dissatisfied customers, aggressive competition or disgruntled employees. Company owners may find that their business is damaged by negative reviews or critical posts. While a large corporation may find these defamatory comments merely bothersome, small businesses often cannot afford the hit to their reputations. In those circumstances, a libel and slander claim may be appropriate.

Internet makes it easy for people in Ohio to defame others

In the past, one needed to see his or her name printed in a newspaper or magazine to claim that the lies also printed were defamatory. Celebrities made a regular practice of suing tabloids for altered pictures and false claims. These days, however, the internet makes it much easier for someone to slander another and reach an audience that goes well beyond Ohio.