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Defamation lawsuit filed against city, council member

The average person in Ohio and elsewhere may be unaware of just how harmful a false statement made about another person can be, especially if the information becomes public. In some cases, those who are subjected to malicious content may suffer ridicule and contempt, and such information could cause severe harm to a person's reputation within the community. Two parties have recently reached a settlement agreement regarding a defamation lawsuit that was filed by a city administrator in another state.

The city administrator asserts the incident began when a council member began making public statements accusing her of having a relationship with another member of the council who was married at the time. She asserts the man repeated the allegations on numerous occasions, with each incident taking place in a public setting. She also claims that the other party made similar statements in a newsletter that was subsequently released through online sources.

Preventing a crisis when promoting through internet sources

Social media plays a vital role in the promotion and success of a variety of businesses in Ohio and across the nation. Business owners who enter the internet realm might not always be fully aware of how essential their decisions and actions can be. Those who wish to protect the image of their companies may find it helpful to know the areas from which issues may stem to reduce the odds a crisis will occur.

With the impact a company's social media presence can have on its future, owners may find it vital to ensure those in charge of internet promotion are up to the task. Placing this responsibility in the hands of the wrong person could prove disastrous. Owners may also find it advisable to have a strategy in place to deal with a crisis should one occur, as being unprepared could make the situation worse.

City council candidate files defamation lawsuit against opponent

Being wrongfully accused of involvement in criminal activity can be a harrowing experience. Should the allegations against a person in Ohio be circulated through public outlets, the harm this can cause to his or her reputation may increase substantially. A city council candidate in another state has filed a defamation lawsuit against an opponent who he claims released false allegations of wrongful behavior through various outlets.

According to reports, the candidate claims the other party released information claiming the man had an unspecified criminal charge on record. He also asserts his opponent accused him of defaulting on certain financial obligations. The man says that these allegations were released to the public on numerous occasions through campaign ads that were mailed to local residents.

How to respond to a customer’s negative review online

Before making a purchase, consumers often get online to read comments and reviews about a product. A bad review may make a potential buyer hesitate or decide not to purchase your goods. Having a good online reputation has become very important for a company’s success.

Even if you make the best products in the world, you may occasionally get a negative review about your business or offerings. How you respond to that bad review is often more important than the review itself. Here are some best practices to responding to negative reviews online.

Internet: Using social media as a tool for brand growth

For many companies in Ohio and elsewhere, finding new ways to reach out to potential customers and build a healthy brand image. When it comes to seeking a larger audience, there might not be a more advantageous outlet with which to build a brand than the internet. However, the process isn't always as simple as placing an add through various social media applications, and owners might find it beneficial to have an understanding of what consumers look for in a business when doing pre-purchase research online.

Recent studies indicate that nearly 90 percent of consumers use online reviews when deciding where to do their shopping. While researching a particular company, many consumers may also favor those with higher customer ratings. The research process not only affects larger chains, as studies suggest that 97 percent of consumers also turn to online sources prior to shopping with local or small businesses.

Former school superintendent accuses 1 of defamation

In some cases, the words of another party may have little impact on a person's life. Unfortunately, individuals in Ohio may find that sometimes the words of others can have consequences, as one accusation of wrongful behavior could have devastating ramifications. A former public schools superintendent has accused another party of defamation after claiming that false allegations of misconduct harmed his reputation and left him without a job.

According to reports, the lawsuit stems from an incident in which a woman accused the superintendent of misconduct and harassment. He says that the woman filed a complaint against him and the school district, and he claims she did so with the intention of causing him to lose his position within the system. An investigation was initiated soon thereafter, and he was fired from his position as superintendent.

Internet content can affect a person's life in various ways

With a multitude of new social media applications and websites popping up every day, it has become increasingly difficult to stay completely off the online radar. Content that is posted through internet outlets may become accessible to the public, and depending on the nature of the content, this could prompt a variety of potentially detrimental consequences. Many individuals in Ohio might be unaware of how significant an impact their online presence could have on various areas of their lives.

While posting content through various applications such as Facebook and Instagram, one might feel as though this content will mainly be accessible to family and friends. However, recent studies suggest that certain businesses might take a prospective employee's online presence into account during the hiring process. Any content that raises concerns with an employer could disrupt one's ability to obtain a position within the company.

Are reality TV shows subject to defamation law?

Reality TV is all about the drama. A lot goes on behind the scenes to make every interaction as nail-biting or over the top as possible. In post-production, editors may piece together separate sentence fragments to make it seem like a character has made an outlandish statement. A show may portray a character’s reaction shot as corresponding to an unrelated event—in order to make it look more extreme.

It may be called “reality TV,” but to a certain extent, we all know it’s fake. Audience members are happy to buy into this bent truth for the sake of entertainment. We’re willing to let a TV show paint some participants as “good” and others as “bad.” And contestants on such shows agree to certain conditions from the start.

Police officer files defamation lawsuit against radio show host

Many newspaper outlets and radio talk shows in Ohio and elsewhere are constantly seeking out ways to increase viewer counts and ratings. In some cases, an outlet may attempt to attract attention by placing a spotlight on a person who stands accused of unlawful behavior, even if an investigation into the matter is still underway. A police officer has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against a radio show host in relation to comments made about him during a recent segment.

The incident reportedly began after the officer was accused of assaulting a woman at a local night club. After she filed a report against the man, he was placed on administrative leave and an investigation was initiated. Following the incident, he claims that a local radio show host and several other individuals knowingly made numerous false statements about him while doing a segment about the incident live on the air.

Common misconceptions regarding internet reputation management

There are a multitude of online sources business owners in Ohio can use to help build a positive reputation. However, knowing how best to make use of internet outlets can be tricky, especially with certain myths surrounding the process. Those who wish to safeguard their image may find it beneficial to use caution when seeking advice, as paying heed to misconceptions about managing a company's online reputation could prove detrimental.

One myth pertains to the notion that reputation management and customer service should be separate matters. However, these two areas can have a significant impact on each other, especially for businesses that operate online. While some may also feel that getting customers to share their positive experiences with the company can be challenging, those who feel their business is valued or are given incentives may be more inclined to post a review.