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Members of board file defamation lawsuit against school director

It might not be all that uncommon for government officials in Ohio and elsewhere to disagree with one another. However, when disputes arise between two or more parties, there is a line that should not be crossed, as certain statements could prove exceedingly harmful to a person's reputation. A school board superintendent and other members of the panel have recently filed a lawsuit against the school director, accusing him of defamation.

According to reports, these individuals claim the director has made numerous defamatory statements against multiple members of the board over recent years. They assert some of these statements are in response to his recent request for a court order to force the release of certain records. The board claims these requests were excessive and were handled according to policy, and that he chose to sue them with reckless disregard for the truth.

Managing the reputation of a company through internet sources

Regardless of the field of operation, many companies in Ohio and elsewhere strive to keep up with the latest business models and gain an edge on the competition. Whether to attract new customers and keep existing ones coming back for more, businesses may find that online sources are the best outlets with which to further growth. In a society where much of a company's advertising and sales could take place on the internet, the level of success it achieves may revolve around how it manages its online reputation.

The opinions and preferences of consumers has always been a relevant topic in the success of a company. However, with the growth of technology and the way information can spread rapidly, this aspect of business may be more important than ever. Business owners who wish to stay ahead of the curve might find it essential to keep a close watch over a company's brand reputation through online sources to ensure it conveys the desired message.

Professor accuses 4 colleagues and university of defamation

In organizations in Ohio and elsewhere that employ a multitude of individuals, it may not be all that uncommon for some to disagree on certain aspects of life. However, while different points of view could be healthy at times, in some cases, this can lead to strife, which can turn ugly if the situation isn't brought under control. A college professor has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against several colleagues and a university following comments he claims have caused him serious harm.

The lawsuit was reportedly filed in response to a list of emails that were circulated among faculty members at the university. In these emails, he claims that several others made numerous false claims, going as far as calling him delusional and accusing him of being a drug addict. He asserts these comments go beyond mere insults, and were made in an attempt to tarnish his personal and professional reputation.

Seeking the removal of harmful content from internet outlets

With the ease of access and exposure available through online sources, many individuals turn to these outlets to cultivate a positive reputation. Whether for business or personal reasons, or both, the internet can provide a person with a multitude of benefits, but there can be some level of risk involved. Individuals in Ohio and elsewhere who are subjected to defamation through internet sources may wish to know how to go about removing damaging content from public view.

Whether the information is posted via a blog or online news article, if the information isn't correct and is harmful to a person's reputation, that person may seek to have it removed. At first, one may seek to speak with the writer of the article and inform him or her of any inaccuracies and request that the content be removed. However, if this method proves unsuccessful, a person may choose to pursue a resolution through legal action.

The potential risks of seeking exposure through internet sources

With the level of exposure that can come from online outlets, many businesses in Ohio and elsewhere find it vital to use these resources to their advantage. However, if a business owner isn't careful, this exposure can have its risks, some of which could pose a threat to the company. Owners who wish to growth that is made possible by internet sources might benefit from knowing the issues they may face, and where to seek guidance should issues occur.

The options that are available to a business through online sources continue to grow on a daily basis. With the ability to post video and audio content through a multitude of sources, an owner could feel somewhat overwhelmed by the process. However, since numerous other businesses are using every available resource, skipping out on leaving the strongest digital footprint possible could prove detrimental to the health of a company.

Woman files lawsuit accusing Brian Urlacher of defamation

Being wrongfully accused of involvement in a crime can have serious repercussions on a person's life. Even if the allegations are false, individuals in Ohio and elsewhere who are unjustly painted as a criminal may suffer in various ways. A woman has filed a defamation lawsuit against her ex-husband, former pro football linebacker Brian Urlacher, claiming he conspired to portray her as an unfit mother and a killer in a recent newspaper article.

According to the lawsuit, the allegations against the woman stem from the death of her husband. After getting into an argument with his wife, the man reportedly grabbed a gun from a nearby purse and shot himself. She asserts that the former pro linebacker used the incident to portray her as a murderer, and in doing so, he has temporarily been awarded full custody of their 12-year-old son.

Top 5 reputation management tips for your business

Online reputation is a growing concern for individuals and businesses. The world of social media gives people the sense they are anonymous or safe to say whatever they wish, sometimes just to get attention.

In one study of 50 of the top brands in the world, 14 of them had negative postings showing up in the first two pages of Google results. For small or medium companies, this could mean a huge hit to the bottom line as customers begin to make assumptions about the brand.

College basketball coach accuses 2 of defamation, files lawsuit

The world of college sports has been filled with allegations of wrongful acts of late, and the careers of many coaches in Ohio and elsewhere have been placed on the line in the process. However, an allegation of wrongdoing doesn't automatically infer guilt, and those who are subjected to unwarranted accusations may wish to protect their reputation. A college basketball coach in another state has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against two others, claiming they have inflicted a great deal of harm upon his reputation.

According to the lawsuit, the two made numerous threats toward the coach in relation to his alleged knowledge of the violation of certain NCAA rules. They claim that they made numerous illegal donations to players on multiple occasions, and that the coach was fully aware of what was going on. The lawsuit also asserts that the claims were made in an attempt to extort money from the coach, and that, after they failed to achieve this result, the two resorted to accusing him of assault.

Political candidate files defamation lawsuit against opponent

Certain fields of employment can be exceedingly competitive, such as those pertaining to politics. While in some cases, disputes among political opponents in Ohio and elsewhere can be nothing more than a mere war of words, in others they may involve malicious allegations that could prove harmful to the reputations of those involved. A man in another state has recently filed a lawsuit against a county assessor, accusing him of defamation.

According to reports, the man filed the lawsuit in relation to comments the other party made about his knowledge of nefarious activities at certain prisons. The county assessor accused the man of managing investments for private prisons where inmates were mistreated, some of which allegedly died under suspicious circumstances. However, he asserts these allegations are in relation to a private prison company that was added after he had ceased all involvement in the prison portfolio.

1 files lawsuit re repeated harassment through internet sources

The advances in social media have made it much easier for individuals in Ohio and elsewhere to stay in touch. However, the ease of access provided through such internet sources may also come with a certain level of risk, as the information posted within is subject to the writer's decisions. As such, a person could take to social media to spread harmful opinions about another party, potentially leaving the victim to suffer the effects of cyberbullying.

A woman in another state has recently filed a lawsuit under similar circumstances, accusing a family of defamation and harassment through social media. According to the lawsuit, these posts stem from the death of her significant other. According to reports, investigators believe the man may have taken prescription drugs prior to being admitted to the hospital, and assert that his death was ruled accidental.