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Former surgeon accuses health care system of defamation

Many companies in Ohio and elsewhere may consider it vital to provide employees with an outlet to bring forth complaints or concerns about operations. However, some may be hesitant to raise questions about a potential concern out of fear of retaliation. A plastic surgeon in another state has filed a defamation claim against a health care system after a similar situation led to an attack on his reputation.

The former surgeon asserts the incident began after he raised concerns about the nature of the relationship between the health system and a pharmaceutical company. After issuing a complaint of possibly unethical practices at the facility, he says that his position at the hospital was suddenly terminated. Shortly after being fired, he claims the hospital issued numerous false statements in an attempt to tarnish his reputation.

County commission candidate accuses opponent of defamation

During a political campaign, candidates in Ohio and elsewhere may deploy a variety of tactics to gain favor with potential voters. In some cases, this may lead to a public attack on the reputation of one's opponent, and the results of a such an attack can be disastrous. A county commission candidate in another state has accused his opponent of defamation after claiming the man released numerous false statements about him prior to the upcoming election.

According to the lawsuit, the man's opponent released several video and audio recordings accusing him of promoting nearly $1 million worth of budget cuts to law enforcement. He says the man also accused him of being willing to allow criminals to freely roam the community. He asserts that these recordings were aired through a variety of media outlets, including a public television station.

The Fair Use Doctrine and the Internet

Gray areas exist when discussing the Fair Use Doctrine and the Internet. Because millions of sites exist, it seems impossible to regulate content and ensure that individuals only claim their own work as their ideas. The United States protects copyrighted work, and no individual has the authority to copy or produce another’s content.

The Internet, due to its vast quantity of data, applies the Fair Use Doctrine in some instances, so that those who legally use online information may not violate copyright laws. As copyright infringement comes with consequences, it is important to understand whether the Fair Use Doctrine applies to the information you post online. If you face a copyright infringement lawsuit, you want to hire an experienced attorney to aid you in protecting your rights.

Former TLC manager files defamation lawsuit against Viacom

Being falsely portrayed in a biopic that is aired on public television can be a devastating experience. If the feature is successful, it might be made accessible to a multitude of viewers in Ohio and across the nation, and the toll this could take on a person's life could be catastrophic. The former manager of the band TLC has reached a settlement in a defamation lawsuit against the company Viacom after claiming the release of a biopic caused significant damage to her reputation.

According to reports, the lawsuit stems from the release of a biographical movie about the band TLC. The former manager of the band asserts that in the feature, she is portrayed as being a dishonest business woman who used the talent of the band members for personal gain. She says the biopic also accuses her of paying the band members unfair wages and pressuring them to sign contracts without giving them time to fully understand the agreements.

Keeping close watch over a company's internet reputation

Many companies in Ohio and elsewhere may feel that having a positive online image is crucial to a company's success. Recent studies suggest that it has never been more vital to keep a close watch over a company's internet reputation. While maintaining a constant online presence and keeping track of consumer reviews can be rewarding, it can also be challenging at times, especially when a company is subjected to negativity.

Recent studies indicate that as many as 97 percent of business owners agree that it is essential to manage a company's online reputation. This may be true regardless of the type of company one operates, as the study suggests that the majority of consumers search for information online before visiting even a local business. In addition to researching a company's products and services, when consumers perform online searches, they may also wish to read customer reviews before making a decision where to spend their money.

Physician accuses university administrators of defamation

When complaints of workplace misconduct arise, company administrators in Ohio and elsewhere may be tasked with identifying the responsible party and taking the appropriate disciplinary actions. Unfortunately in some cases, the fallout of a similar incident may also impact members of upper management, even if they are unaware of an employee's actions. A former lead physician at the University of Southern California has filed a defamation lawsuit after an investigation into misconduct left him on administrative leave and tarnished his reputation.

The incident reportedly stems from an investigation into numerous reports of misconduct within the student health center at the university. During the investigation, the man claims that administrators called him in and informed him that his position within the program was being terminated due to his role as the responsible party's supervisor. He claims the university falsely accused him of either ignoring complaints of wrongdoing or taking steps to cover them up.

Defamation lawsuit filed against actor Terry Crews

It's relatively common for celebrities in Ohio and elsewhere to gain mass followings through social media outlets. When a celebrity uses similar outlets to express concerns about another individual, his or her views may influence how others feel about this person, and if the individual is cast in a negative light, the consequences can be severe. The former social media manager of Terry Crews has filed a lawsuit against the actor, accusing him of defamation and harassment.

According to reports, the business relationship between the actor and his former social media manager came to a halt when the man began working on a project with another client. Upon learning of the project, the man claims that Crews ordered him to cease working with the other party and asserts the actor offered to reimburse him for any financial losses he may suffer in the process. However, he claims Crews failed to uphold his end of the agreement and instead began attacking him through social media.

Multiple city officials accused of defamation

For many individuals in Ohio and elsewhere, maintaining a positive personal and professional reputation is essential. When this area of life comes under attack, a person may wish to take measure to protect his or her image, but knowing how best to handle the situation can be challenging at times. A man in another state has reportedly filed a defamation lawsuit against several city officials after claiming that they released numerous statements that have harmed his reputation.

The man reportedly operates as a writer who posts stories through various online sources such as Facebook. In the lawsuit, he claims that one of the individuals in question released a statement accusing him of offering endorsements to political candidates in exchange for money and threatening to post negative reviews for those who don't pay. The man also asserts that the officials have accused him of spreading false information through his articles.

Man files defamation lawsuit over misleading internet video

In some cases, it may take little more than a short clip that is posted through internet sources to leave a person in Ohio or elsewhere fighting to protect his or her image. Even if the message portrayed by those who post videos is false or misleading, that message could influence a multitude of viewers. A man in another state has accused several parties of defamation after claiming a minute-long video left him facing false allegations of animal abuse.

According to reports, the incident stems from a 60 second video that was released on the internet, showing the man standing next to a distraught horse. The video sparked an outrage that left the man accused of mistreating the animal, and ultimately led to a criminal investigation. However, the man asserted that these accusations were false, and he was eventually cleared of the charges after no evidence was found to support the allegations against him.

Doctor accuses colleagues, facility of defamation and retaliation

When medical professionals in Ohio and across the nation have concerns about safety procedures, they may wish to express their concerns for patient safety to their employers. While in many cases, others may be open to discussion about operations, in others, a similar incident could open a person up to acts of retaliation. A doctor has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against several colleagues and a medical facility after his questions about patient care led to attacks on his reputation.

The incident reportedly began when the man accepted a position as the director of the cardio-oncology section at the facility. While working at the facility, he reportedly raised concerns about how patients were being monitored during and after chemotherapy treatments. After making his concerns known, he claims that several colleagues initiated a campaign to harm his reputation.