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2 police officers file defamation lawsuit against mayor

Many individuals in Ohio and across the country consider a good reputation to be imperative in various areas of life. Attacks on one's reputation can cause an individual to experience a variety of hardships, personal and professional alike. Two police officers in another state have recently filed a defamation claim against a mayor concerning comments she made against them during a public protest.

The protest was held soon after an incident in which the officers shot a suspect who was resisting arrest. While an investigation into the incident was still underway, the mayor came forward during the protest and called their actions unlawful and unjust, and accused them of brutally killing the man. However, the officers were eventually cleared of all wrongdoing after witnesses and video surveillance proved the man was resisting arrest and reached for a gun at his waist shortly before being shot.

Internet attacks could prove harmful to the health of a business

Many businesses in Ohio and elsewhere make use of every available tool when seeking to promote their products. With the use of the internet, a company can easily reach out to a multitude of consumers, but there may also be a certain level of risk involved in using similar outlets. With the potential consequences of a suffering a malicious attack to a company's reputation, owners may find it beneficial to take steps to protect this area of business and prevent unnecessary harm.

Keeping all business-related content confined to one website can be nearly impossible, and individuals may take to a variety of internet sources to voice opinions about their experience with a company. Owners may find it beneficial to perform an online search of their company from time to time and keep track of potential outlets for consumer reviews. This can help an owner uncover and respond to reviews that could otherwise prove harmful to a company if simply left alone.

Woman files defamation lawsuit following acts of retaliation

Many individuals in Ohio and elsewhere take the well-being of the environment seriously, and seek to protect it from harm. While in some cases, companies who are accused of violating clean air policies may wish to resolve issues in a peaceful manner, in others they might seek to discredit their accusers by whatever means necessary. A woman has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against a city in another state after claiming that actions of retaliation caused a great deal of damage to her reputation.

According to reports, the incident began when the woman took part in an interview with a local newspaper. The subject of the interview concerned a local power plant, which the woman claims may have violated air quality regulations. Following the interview, she asserts that several individuals retaliated against her, and made numerous false and malicious statements about her during public meetings.

Small businesses at greater risk concerning internet attacks

Small businesses in Ohio and elsewhere place a high priority on maintaining a good image and reputation. Many businesses may seek to further their reputation and reach new clients with use of internet resources. However, while a similar decision can prove beneficial to a company's success, it may also open it up to malicious attacks, which could have a devastating impact on a small business.

Technology plays a substantial role in the lives of a multitude of individuals, and businesses are no different. Many customers use online reviews as a starting point when seeking to purchase a product, and they may often be influenced with what they read. This prompts a need for businesses to stay on top of reviews and respond to them in a swift manner, perhaps especially the negative ones.

City administrator files defamation lawsuit against mayor

The world of politics can be a highly competitive field, even among smaller communities in Ohio and elsewhere. Should disagreements arise, two parties may find themselves at odds with each other, which could lead to allegations of wrong doing, some of which can be malicious in nature. A city administrator in another state has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against the mayor in relation to numerous comments she made while in office.

The incident began when council members voted to remove the mayor from office after she made accusations against several individuals, including the city administrator. She was reinstated as mayor after a judge ruled that the vote was in violation of her right to due process. Soon thereafter, the administrator filed a lawsuit against the mayor, accusing her of defamation.

Property owner files defamation lawsuit over social media posts

Many individuals in Ohio and elsewhere place a great deal of importance on maintaining a positive image. A good reputation could be crucial in numerous areas of life, personal and professional alike. A property owner in another state has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against another individual over several false and malicious statements that were made through social media outlets.

According to the lawsuit, the woman took to social media to accuse the man of engaging in nefarious business dealings. The two have reportedly never met, and the woman made the statements solely based on opinions she heard from others. He claims that the accusations were made with reckless disregard for the truth, and that they have had a substantial impact on the success of his business.

How do I get my mug shot off the internet?

Mug shots fascinate many people. Whether it’s a historic hot take after the apprehension of a mobster or a celebrity making a bad decision, everyone is familiar with the photos that accompany an arrest. While they’re often associated with convicted criminals, it’s easy to forget that a mug shot is taken of anyone at the time of their arrest. A mug shot is a photo record of an arrest—but not a conviction of any wrongdoing.

The reason we’re familiar with mug shots is because they appear in newspapers, on TV and, with increasing frequency, on the web. Mug shots are public record, meaning that anyone can share and publish them.

The internet provides exposure, but not all of it is good

Marketing your business, selling your products and otherwise providing exposure for your business here in Ohio and across the globe can all be done online. The internet has made the world smaller, and that can benefit your business, but there is a downside as well. Not all of the attention your business gets online is good. In fact, you could find that a disgruntled customer, employee or another company has targeted your business with negative information.

When that happens, you may be tempted to provide your own response to the allegations put into blog posts, news articles or social media. However, you could inadvertently do more harm than good. What you may need is to have the offending words removed from the internet altogether.

Former county commissioner files defamation lawsuit against 3

Being accused of involvement in criminal activity can have a devastating impact on the life of an individual. Even if the charges are false, the damage done to the reputation of a person in Ohio or elsewhere by allegations alone can be catastrophic. A former county commissioner in another state has recently filed a defamation lawsuit after he claims he was targeted by others following the rejection of a sand mind permit.

According to the lawsuit, several individuals began targeting the man following his vote to reject the permit. The man asserts that three individuals, one of which being a woman who has had business relations with the company seeking to install the mine, accused him of nefarious financial transactions involving local vendors. Of the two others named in the lawsuit, one is apparently the brother of the man's opponent in a recent election.

Are minors protected from posting questionable content?

When you were fourteen years old, you contributed to an online forum. You made several inappropriate comments that seemed funny at the time. But now you are seventeen and applying to college. Colleges will not like what they see if they search your name online. Are you able to remove the content you posted online when you were fourteen?