Discussion Boards Removal

Discussion Boards Removal

Our legal team will remove negative posts from discussion boards, stop negative online banter, and uncover your accuser.

Online discussion boards allow users to anonymously share thoughts about a wide variety of topics. While some discussion boards seem harmless and posters respect forum rules and engage in honest debate, some people take advantage of boards to "take-down" other individuals and businesses. Vengeful posters and Internet trolls will ignore facts and threaten the reputation of those they wish to hurt. Has this happened to you?

Anyone who Googles his/her name will can often access these discussion board threads. Consider having this content removed from the internet now.

Don't like what you see when you Google your name or your business? You've come to the right place.

Our team stops negative online banter by working directly with discussion board moderators and administrators to quickly remove hostile content.

Allow us to uncover your accuser.

People defame others online while hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. We can often uncover the identity of cowardly posters so that you can confront your accuser and take legal action.

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