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In addition to content removal services, we also offer other solutions to diminish ongoing harm and guard against future online attacks. Brand protection and monitoring services can be necessary where removal of negative content is not an option, or where it takes too much time to successfully remove content and short-term remedies to mitigate harm are needed.

Regardless of the situation, brand protection and reputation monitoring is something that we recommend to all of our clients. It improves your online image and gives peace of mind and ability to thwart future online attacks in their infancy.

Brand Protection & Promotion

We work with each client to develop custom strategies to create and promote positive content at the top of search results. Each client's situation is different. In some cases we work with clients to create more favorable web properties, positive press, and online media publications. We utilize free and paid listings to create more credible search results that leave your online reputation better off than where it started.

We also offer back-linking packages. We deploy high-ranking authoritative backlinks to improve the rankings of already existing or newly created pieces of favorable content in search results to outrank negative unwanted content.

Regardless of the problems confronted, we offer affordable custom tailored solutions so that your online image and brand is improved.

Reputation & Brand Monitoring

In today's digital age, information spreads more quickly than ever before. Knowing what is out there is critical. Reputation Monitoring enables individuals and businesses to proactively stay informed of what is being written and shared about them or their business online. Our reputation and brand monitoring service allow businesses and individuals the ability to mitigate risk and head off potential online crisis before they happens and when they can still be easily thwarted.

The following is a list of situations clients have been able to proactively resolve before reaching crisis because they were detected early through reputation monitoring:

  • Company employee tweeting about illegal drug use;
  • School bus driver making inappropriate remarks about her job;
  • An independent contractor making cryptic Facebook posts about acts of violence;
  • An organized effort to defeat a ballot issue;
  • The spread of misinformation about a regional branding effort;
  • Posting and attempted dissemination of embarrassing images and content;

Unlike other websites that offer time intensive do-it-yourself "dashboards" and "computer search programs," we provide the services of actual communication professionals specializing in online reputation management to monitor and analyze data that is located from sophisticated monitoring and search tools. Monitoring services are worthless if time is not also allocated on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to sift through the results found.

Our monitoring professionals understand how and what to search for. They also understand what the results obtained mean, what information is out there, how big of a threat content located is, and what sort of response, if any, is needed when a threat is found.

For companies or individuals that have common names, services, or products, or are not familiar with the multitude of various social networking and private blog and discussion platforms out there, it is critical to have more than just computer program that feeds information and results. You need a live human being narrowing the scope of any search to what is relevant and to review what is found and to recommend when action is needed.

All of our reputation monitoring packages include services that scour and monitor the Internet including, social media websites, blogs, discussion forums, and online news platforms for mentions of you or your company. Results and analysis are prepared into a monitoring report that documents details of any online reputation threats. The report includes relevant information about origin, virility, prominence, net visibility, and overall risk/threat level.

Contact us today to learn more how our online reputation and brand monitoring services can help you take control of your online image and provide peace of mind against future online attacks.