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Malicious social media comments lead to defamation lawsuit

When companies in Ohio and elsewhere compete with rivals on a daily basis, contentions may arise. While, in many cases, this could simply lead to competitive pricing and promotion of services, in others, a business may seek to gain ground by attempting to tarnish the reputation of another. The owner of several funeral homes in another state has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against a competitor after claiming that attacks through social media outlets have damaged his business.

According to reports, the two men have been at odds for decades, and the contentions between them have been made apparent through ads taken out in local newspapers. However, the man claims the other party went too far in certain posts through social media outlets, such as Facebook. According to the lawsuit, the other individual made several comments that are malicious and untrue, which were written with the intent of tarnishing the man's personal and professional reputation.

What to do if someone posts false information about me?

Much has been made recently regarding the spread of "fake news" on the Internet. Typically, this occurs in the political context. However, that is not the subject of this article. "fake news" can also come on a personal level; that is, when someone posts and disseminates false information about you on their social media platforms. It can be very difficult, but certainly not impossible, to take this false information off the Internet.

Charles Oakley files defamation lawsuit against Knicks owner

Being subjected to humiliation on national television can do a substantial amount of harm to the reputation of an individual in Ohio or elsewhere. While this can be stressful and daunting enough on its own, should another party continue to spread harmful rumors, the damage could be irreparable. New York Knicks legend Charles Oakley has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against the owner of his former team after he was forcefully removed during a televised game and accused of assault and excessive intoxication.

According to reports, the incident in question began when a group of security personnel were attempting to escort Charles from the building for unknown reasons during a regular season game. Upon being approached by the guards, he was pushed to the ground before being forcefully removed from the premises. According to the lawsuit, the owner of the Knicks requested that he be removed from the game and embarrassed on live television.

Maintaining a positive business image through internet sources

With the ever-increasing expansion of social media platforms, it has never been easier to promote a business. Many business owners in Ohio and elsewhere make use of internet sources to attract new customers and build a positive image. However, while there may be numerous advantages involved in online promotion, there may also be a certain level of risk, and a malicious attack on a company's online reputation could prove devastating to its growth and success.

Business owners may be able to avoid many of the potential risks by having awareness of the impact that any content they post may have on the reputation of their company. With a multitude of individuals online, the number of those who can access this content at any moment is vast. Working on building and maintaining a positive image could be crucial to the longevity of a business, but with numerous available social media outlets, it can be challenging to keep up with them all.

When you have posted something embarrassing on Facebook

This happens to many people. You say or post something online, and it feels fine when you post it - but later you realize you have made a mistake.

Let's say you posted an identifiable picture on Facebook of yourself smoking a joint at a party. The friends you intended to post the picture for are amused. In the light of day, however, you realize almost anyone can see it - the school you attend or want to attend, the employer you work for or want to work for, complete strangers who you don't want to think badly of you.

Potential risks to brand reputation through internet sources

Social media may be an excellent platform with which a company in Ohio can grow its client base. The ease of access of such internet sources makes it significantly less difficult to reach a wide variety of potential consumers and promote products. However, along with the advantages of advertising through social media, companies may also face some risks, and understanding what forms these may take could assist in preventing a potential disaster.

Perhaps one of the most significant issues a business may face is an attack on its brand. This can come in many forms, whether through disgruntled customers or former employees. Although a negative review is bound to happen at some point, in some cases, these reviews can be malicious and intent upon smearing a company's reputation. Even if the issues listed in similar complaints are untrue, the damage done under similar circumstances can be devastating.

Resident in competitive field accuses university of defamation

Certain fields of employment are competitive by nature, leading many individuals in Ohio and elsewhere to endure years of extensive training. With a great deal on the line, an individual might not take an attack on his or her professional reputation lightly. A surgical resident in another state has recently filed a lawsuit against a well-known university, accusing it of several types of misconduct, including defamation.

According to the lawsuit, the resident has recently been subjected to numerous retaliatory attacks from her superiors, which she claims has forced her to repeat her fourth year of residency. She asserts that her previous experience as a nurse has led to unfair and unjust treatment. Although she apparently received numerous positive reviews from other surgeons, she says that the opinions of a few have tarnished her reputation and caused her to fall behind.

Defamation lawsuit claims couple used internet aliases in attacks

Many individuals in Ohio and elsewhere have experienced an attack on their reputation from another party who chooses to hide behind an internet alias. Using the anonymity of online sources, these individuals might falsely accuse others of criminal activity for a variety of reasons and may have little fear of consequences in the process. A recent defamation lawsuit has been filed against a married couple who allegedly attacked the reputation of another individual using similar methods.

According to the lawsuit, the couple made use of nearly 30 different internet aliases to accuse a public relations executive of numerous crimes. The allegations ranged anywhere from bribery to blackmail, and even fraud. The man claims that these accusations are completely fabricated and have caused a great deal of harm to his personal and professional reputation.

1 negative internet review could do a great deal of damage

With the ease of access for online reviews, and a great deal of consumers relying on them for guidance, many businesses in Ohio and elsewhere consider it imperative to maintain a good reputation. Unfortunately, the internet can be a savage place, and some may find it easy to leave scathing remarks through a variety of review outlets. Since this can prove detrimental to the overall success of a company, gaining an understanding of how to handle the bad with the good could be advisable.

Although one negative review may seem harmless enough, studies suggest that if it is in view of potential customers, even one can do a great deal of damage. There may be numerous ways to approach a similar issue, such as reaching out to the customer to attempt to rectify the issue and remove the comment. Since this can prove challenging, a company may also wish to continue to focus on providing quality products and service, which may in turn lead to numerous positive reviews to counteract the negative.

Confronting negative internet reviews could be crucial

Businesses in Ohio and elsewhere place a great deal of stock in reputation. Perhaps believing that the opinions and reviews of consumers may have a significant impact on the longevity of their enterprise, some companies might find the idea of confronting any bad reviews to be somewhat intimidating. However, if a business doesn't address the negative internet reviews, others may be influenced by a comment that could actually have no factual basis, and the company could suffer unnecessary consequences.

One aspect that might help a business in this area is the ability to differentiate between a bad review and an attack on its reputation. A disgruntled customer, or even a competitor, could use internet or social media platforms to attack a business, while disguising these malicious acts in the form of negative feedback. Staying active through online sources could help a company identify each one in turn, and help to address any potential concerns before it is too late.